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Sydney Australia

Opera house

Opera house

Sept 17th 2015 the day I left home for the first time for a long time to the place I have always dreamed of going to the beautiful Sydney Australia. Me being 18 all of my friends thought I was crazy, absolutly insane I didn't understand why because I had never wanted anything more in life then to be there. I was in Sydney Airport looking for my luggage that seemed to have missed the flight I was on, was not the greatest start to leaving on a trip by myself. They said it would take a few days and I would get it back and it did!

Anyway lets get to the part where i am there i am alone i am in Australia nobody knows me nobody knows where i am from nobody cares I had lost my luggage nobody knows, and I had no idea where I was. Then i realized I shouldn't care either I didn't need to care or have anyone caring for me or care about being lost because for the first time in my life I was alone in a place where nobody knew me and for those few seconds of realization I felt alive.

It was now night time in Sydney me not knowing what to do decided its Saturday night I just got here I might as well celebrate and I was so excited because I was the drinking age in Australia so of course the first thing i did was go to the liquor store and buy myself a bottle of wine. I got back to my hostel got ready and met a few friends in my room who were also drinking. We all went down to the side bar attached to the Hostel, it was a lot of fun I was happy everyone was so friendly.

There was this guy , not the type of guy your thinking of this is not about to turn into a love story . A guy I had met at the side bar,t this guy is the reason I am where I am right this second while writing this so he is maybe sort of important. Anyway this guy was also from Canada he was from the complete other side of canada though, this guy also had the same birthday as me oh and he was also the exact same age. We were on the same 7 day tour in Sydney and it was great! we both met friends did fun stuff it was amazing ! The different thing about this guy was that i had felt like i had known him for a very long time, I felt very comfortable around this stranger .
His name is Alex and me and Alex both arrived in Australia alone and decided we were going to backpack with each other up the coast. We bought our greyhound ticket and couldn't wait a single second to start our adventures.

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